Achetez Giro Blok Kryptek Highlander en ligne zBFCFQQo

Achetez Giro Blok Kryptek Highlander en ligne zBFCFQQo
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The Blok goggle from Giro

A team favourite, the Blok combines the retro-style looks of a cylindrical lens goggle with advanced Expansion View Technology (EXV) to deliver a wide field of view enhanced with the precision of VIVID Lens By ZEISS. The Blok’s blend of clean, classic style and under-the-hood EXV tech make it a versatile, go-anywhere goggle that truly works as good as it looks.

Expansion View
Perfected at Giro's test lab in Scotts Valley, California, this groundbreaking new frame design serves up unparalleled peripheral vision. Giro started with a helmet-compatible goggle, and then shaved down the frame rim to optimise a massive cylindrical lens focused on the best possible peripheral vision in a goggle.

VIVID Lenses
Giro proudly introduces VIVID Lens Technology developed in partnership with ZEISS Optics, the global authority in quality optics. Giro VIVID lenses are a new technology for the winter 2017/2018 season. The patented lens technology is based on decades of studying the visual experience on snow. From this research evolved an approach that enhances contrast, reduces eyestrain, improves reaction time, boosts confidence and delivers precise vision without colour over saturation by effectively manipulating blue light encountered on-snow. The long-held belief was that blue light equals bad light, so conventional goggles and sunglasses are designed to eliminate blue light. But snow isn’t white. As the most reflective surface on Earth, snow is actually blue. Giro and ZEISS’s research revealed blue light is fundamental in processing varying terrain and snow texture. Thus, VIVID Lens Technology effectively manipulates blue light by letting in contrast enhancing blue light, while blocking harmful UV light. Essentially, VIVID filters out the haze and frees your eyes to spot your line and focus on enjoying your experience.

Vivid Onyx Lens

  • 14 % VLT
  • Category S3 for sun/high alpine conditions


  • Référence n°: 493049
  • Transmission de la lumière (%): 14 PercentQuel pourcentage de lumière visible passe à travers la l'écran, un pourcentage plus élevé est parfait pour des conditions de faible luminosité et un pourcentage plus bas est meilleur pour les jours de grand ciel bleu.
  • Caractéristiques Masques: écran cylindrique
  • Lens Coating: miroir
  • Weather: sunny, partly cloudy


    • Compatible with all Giro helmets
    • Expansion view technology
    • Triple face foam
    • Anti-fog coating
    • Cylindrical VIVID lens by Zeiss

    Achetez Giro Blok Kryptek Highlander en ligne zBFCFQQo

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